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Instant Download Patterns Catalog > Instant Download Patterns

Have you seen something you like, but can't wait for me to manually email your pattterns? No problem, you can purchase the following patterns listed below as instant downloads via the Digital Goods Store, now known as Bamazoo.  

PLEASE NOTE: Instant download patterns are subject to EU VAT at checkout, and instant download patterns do NOT qualify for my website offer of 5 free patterns! They are strictly for manually emailed PDF purchases.  However, they are available to purchase individually here as instant download patterns only.

To make your purchase by instant download, just click on the words 'Buy Now' under the pattern you require, then follow the on screen instructions from Bamazoo.

Premature, Newborn & 3 Month Vest Set Knitting Pattern Book 1
Knitting Pattern Book 1 - Buy Now

babies unisex layette knitting pattern book 2
Knitting Pattern Book 2 - Buy Now

Classic V and Round Neck Baby Knitting Pattern No. 1
Knitting Pattern No. 1   -  Buy Now

Classis hooded jacket knitting pattern no. 2
Knitting Pattern No. 2   -  Buy Now

0-3 Month boys matinee set knitting pattern no. 3
Knitting Pattern No. 3   -  Buy Now

premature boys matinee jacket set knitting pattern no.4
Knitting Pattern No. 4   -  Buy Now

premature baby moccasins knitting pattern no. 5
Knitting Pattern No. 5   -  Buy Now

0-3 month girls matinee set knitting pattern no.6
Knitting Pattern No. 6   -  Buy Now

premature boy and girl bonnet, hat and bootees knitting pattern no. 7
Knitting Pattern No. 7   -  Buy Now

premature girls matinee set knitting pattern no. 8
Knitting Pattern No. 8   -  Buy Now

0-3 month unisex cardigan and trouser set knitting pattern no. 9
Knitting Pattern No. 9   -  Buy Now

newborn babies side fastening all in one romper/playsuit knitting pattern no. 11
Knitting Pattern No. 11 - Buy Now

premature, newborn, 3 month baby vest with cardigan set knitting pattern no.13 DBRW
Knitting Pattern No. 13DBRW - Buy Now

0-3 month boys track suit knitting pattern no. 14
Knitting Pattern No. 14 -  Buy Now

premature baby cardigan set knitting pattern no.15DBRW
Knitting Pattern No. 15DBRW - Buy Now

0-3 month baby girls double breasted hooded coat knitting pattern no. 17
Knitting Pattern No. 17 - Buy Now

0-3 month boys dungaree set knitting pattern no. 18
Knitting Pattern No. 18 -  Buy Now

0-3 month boys gingerbread man knitting pattern no. 19
Knitting Pattern No. 19 -  Buy Now

Newborn boys tartan jacket and tam o shanter knitting pattern no. 20
Knitting Pattern No. 20 -  Buy Now

newborn baby boys cabled matinee jacket set knitting pattern no. 21
Knitting Pattern No. 21 - Buy Now

newborn baby girls dress and headband set knitting pattern no. 22
Knitting Pattern No. 22 - Buy Now

0-3 month baby girls frilly lacy cardigan set knitting pattern no. 23
Knitting Pattern No. 23 -  Buy Now

0-3 month girls yoked vest set knitting pattern no. 24
Knitting Pattern No. 24 - Buy Now

baby boys bobble matinee set knitting pattern no. 25
Knitting Pattern No. 25 - Buy Now

reborn boy and girl envelope neck set knitting pattern no. 26
Knitting Pattern No. 26 -  Buy Now

micro preemie dress and leggings set knitting pattern no. 27
Knitting Pattern No. 27 - Buy Now

Multi size all in one, romper, playsuit knitting pattern no. 28
Knitting Pattern No. 28 - Buy Now

two colour classic baby cardigan knitting pattern no.29
Knitting Pattern No. 29 - Buy Now

Baby girls frilly sleeved cardigan knitting pattern no. 30
Knitting Pattern No. 30 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 31 Reversible Pram Quilt
Knitting Pattern No. 31 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 32 Reborn Dolls Snow Suit
Knitting Pattern No. 32 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 33 - Easter Chick Cocoon Set
Knitting Pattern No. 33 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 34 - Baby Girl's Rara Dress Set
Knitting Pattern No. 34 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 35 - Boys Vest & Slipper Set
Knitting Pattern No. 35 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 36 Boys Sailor Suit Set
Knitting Pattern No. 36 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 37
Knitting Pattern No. 37 - Buy Now

Baby or Reborn Doll Romper, sun hat and sandals with flowers and leaves knitting pattern
Knitting Pattern No. 38 - Buy Now

girls lacy dress set knitting pattern no. 50
Knitting Pattern No. 50 - Buy Now

Knitting Pattern No. 54 Baby Girls Bolero
Knitting Pattern No. 54 - Buy Now


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