Special Baby Care Unit Knitting Patterns

This section is for free knitting patterns for those who knit for their local baby units, and for those who knit for baby loss charities.

Even though these patterns are free, copyright rules still apply. Whilst I am happy for items made from my patterns to be sold, items from this pattern are NOT to be sold. These patterns are supplied on the condition that items made from them are given to neo-natal units and/or the various premature and baby loss charities that help families at their most distressing time.

More patterns will be added soon.

Knitting Pattern for 5 inch baby bonding squares

Baby bonding squares knitting pattern

A lovely little pattern for making 5 inch bonding squares for your local special baby care unit, and a great way of using up those oddments of yarn too.

You will need

30g of DK yarn for a pair of squares

1 x pair 4mm needles


Knitting Pattern for a babies burial gown from 20-26 week gestation.

Free Baby Burial Gown Knitting Pattern

This pattern isn't a particularly quick knit, but with a thicker skirt area, worked in a cable pattern, it does provide privacy for the babies, and still makes for a pretty and practical outfit.  The gown fully opens out, so baby is easy to dress.

You will need:

16 ribbon roses as buttons or 16 buttons

50g 3ply yarn and 1 x pr 3.00mm needles for 7-8” height, or 20 week gestation size only

100g 4ply yarn and 1 x pr 3.25mm needles for 9-10” height, or 22 week gestation size only

100g dk yarn and 1 x pr 3.75mm needles for 11-12” height, or 24 week gestation size only

100g dk yarn and 1 x pr 4mm needles for 13-14” height, or 26 week gestation size only

1 metre knitting in lace (74 holes)

Embellishments of your choice